• Importance of Home Inspection
    Look Before You Leap!
    A home purchase is a daunting decision
    I can help
    Thorough, careful inspection
    Clear, concise reporting
  • background
    Experienced  Unbiased  Highly Qualified                
    I work for you & yours, not the realtor                
    No risk of conflict of interest

    I'm an Independent Home Inspector
    Your interests are my only concern
  • background
    The Seller's Disclosure Statement
    discloses only what the seller is aware of    
    ... at best                
    Let's have a closer look at this house        
    peace of mind
  • background
    You love the place ... but                
    you deserve an in-depth, expert inspection
    Let's explore this home together
    Whether we confirm your hopes
    ... or reveal shortcomings
    the result is increased peace of mind for you


I suit up to investigate crawl spaces and attics & I bring lots of pictures back for you. I open electrical panels; operate windows, cupboards and drawers. I turn on taps; fill and drain sinks; test outlets & lights. I take a thorough, hard look for you.

Ongoing Support

Your consultant long after the inspection, I remain available for free telephone consultations on any questions about the house I inspect for you. Weeks, months or years later. I love to save my clients a $ervice call from a contractor or technician.


Years of hands-on construction experience. Years as a Code Enforcement Officer. Years as a housing rehab Project Manager. All in addition to countless home inspections for buyers, sellers and owners looking to weatherize efficiently or solve vexing problems.


Ongoing training for my Home Inspector, NYS Code Enforcement Officer, and Federal Lead Risk Assessor credentials keeps my knowledge and awareness fresh and up-to-date.